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Finding the right balance

Even after over 15 years of welcoming guests to our little corner of Tuscany, we continue to consider Poggiosole a work in progress. From the outset, Lilia and Gianni, and now their son Alex, set out to create an experience tied to their own pleasure of re-discovering this land, and nearby towns and cities, upon returning to Tuscany in 1999 after many years living abroad.

The fienile, where our two lodgings are located, was totally rebuilt from the old stone walls and original roof tiles in 2005-2006, upgraded in 2021 and further refined in 2022-23. Blending modern tech, designer lighting and furniture from a range of periods and styles, Begonia and Le Rose reflect their owners' tastes and journeys.

Just outside the lodgings are Poggiosole's olive groves: Gianni's pride and Alex's passion. Read about them here and here.

Detail of armoir and lamp, Begonia residence, Poggiosole
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