In the interest of each of our guest's health and safety, we want you to know: 

–  Poggiosole's proprietors and all staff are fully vaccinated.

–  Each lodging, including every HVAC and water filtration and softening unit, has been deep cleaned and fully sanitized prior to re-opening.

–  Guests who know us from previous years' stays will note that all shower curtains have been replaced with glass to support proper hygiene.

–  Each lodging is equipped with a first-aid kit and emergency lighting in case of a power outage.

–  All bed linens and towels, including pool towels, are provided by a vendor that professionally launders and sanitizes all such items weekly.

– Kitchens are sanitized after each checkout. Open food basics (sugar, salt, oil, vinegar, soy sauce) remaining from the lodging's previous occupants can be removed by our staff on request.