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Updated: Jan 21

Testing my grit. Might not last. What's the topic here? Broadly, an ex-designer semi-American expat hanging up the IT- and design-consulting thing and betting the farm on, well, the farm. And blogging about it. With hundreds of olive trees, Poggiosole qualifies as a farm, though our main gig is welcoming travelers, tourists and well-heeled wanderers to our six-hectare patch of Tuscany. We have expertise to draw on, having straddled the euro-American, anglo-mediterranean and franco-Swiss-Italian divide through our own wanderings for some years.

Parts of the clan (my folks) have settled definitively, as is right at 90 years of age, in the farmhouse next to the fienile, though they bear the blame for the rest of the family's peripatetic tendencies. Others are just getting started, with my two oldest charting courses of study in Belgium and Denmark, my two youngest too young to stray... yet. More about them some other time.

Our guests. We've witnessed an impressive vote of confidence in travel to Italy this summer, especially from The Netherlands and Germany, but also Hungary, Poland, Switzerland, and France. I'm grateful to folks for coming to see us, for appreciating what we've put together, and for suggestions on how we might further improve our offer. I'm especially encouraged by the respect and appreciation each has expressed towards our lodgings, carefully appointed as they are. "Keep raising the bar" cheered one guest, and I do intend to do just that. Where else am I going to put all that restlessness? Beauty and service, why not?

Enough for now. Did I mention? It's been too hot.

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