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Apricotti (turn, turn, turn)

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

First of all, apricotti is not Italian for apricots... that word is albicocche. But I'm looking for something to celebrate, and I'm grinning at "apricotti" as a moniker for the dense, perfumed quality of the fruit that has ripened on Poggiosole's two apricot trees this year. lo

To my ear, "apricotti" suggests a sweet, festive flavor, combining the upbeat mood of an aperitivo and the anytime snackiness of biscotti. It could be a brand name! It's already an Instagram account (not ours). Maybe trademark it?? "Dude, slow down. You've got two trees."


Like other varieties of stone fruit (genus Prunus), domesticated apricots are thought to have first been cultivated in Central Asia and China, eventually finding their way to South and West Asia (including Armenia, from which the apricot's scientific name is derived), as well as Europe, North Africa and Japan.

Poggiosole's albicocche are extra satisfying this year: rich as preserves but with the clean mouthfeel of fresh fruit. Word is our recent dry spell has done its bit to velvetize their pulp and concentrate their flavor.

I've touted our superlative figs, but this summer's apricot "crop" puts up a serious challenge for the top spot. Sadly for ticket sales, an I'm the Tastiest title bout is unworkable. Our 2022 figs are still soaking up sun, and most won't be ready until mid-August, by which time July's apricots will be, at best, shriveled or in a jar: hardly a fair contest. Better to just enjoy each in its season (turn, turn, turn).

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