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Harvest 2021

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Uncharacteristic weather (late frost in the spring of 2020 and scant rainfall since) cut our typical volume of 500-600 kilos of olives to around one-third that amount yesterday.

I had planned to document this year’s harvest extensively in pictures, but my dad’s passing had me focus on gathering our family around my mom instead. And yesterday we had nine (!) check-ins, so what time was devoted to Poggiosole went towards seeing to details in Begonia and Le Rose and giving our guests a proper welcome. As I watched our farm hands work, the old Neil Young song kept playing in my head. A couple of stanzas seemed especially fitting to this moment:

Will I see you give more than I can take

Will I only harvest some

As the days fly past will we lose our grasp

Or fuse it in the sun

Did she wake you up to tell you that

It was only a change of plan

Dream up, dream up, let me fill your cup

With the promise of a man

We pressed and extracted 2021’s harvest earlier today. That color is always a joy.

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