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Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Tuscan soil is loaded with stones (that's one reason most older houses here are made of them) and recent digging in our outer grove brought a bunch to the surface. Many were large enough to damage mower blades, so today's task was to collect them all and haul them over to one of our two rock piles. That's when I spotted what looked like an empty pack of cigarettes in the grass near the shoulder of the Strada della Romita. Occasionally passing motorists will toss stuff onto our land, with empty cigarette packs and empty plastic water bottles ranking as the most common offerings.

But, on closer inspection, this wasn't a pack of cigarettes, it was a pack of condoms. And it wasn't empty, or even opened. It was new: shrink wrap intact. How thoughtful!

"Must set these aside", I said to myself.

Then I wondered: who the heck came up with "Lovepop" as a brand name for condoms? We all get the "love" part, but I think the last thing anyone wants a condom to do is p*p, right?

Presumably the lovebirds who left their Lovepops in our grove had come to the same conclusion.

Postscript, December 2: A friend who read this post pointed out the Lovepop website, not the same Lovepop. This one sells pricey greeting cards with colorful die-cut pop-up visuals, like the books I coveted as a child. Their mission is "to create one billion magical moments". Funny.

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