Zero Fighter Type 22 shot down the king of the sixth bullet Rabaul wing EX (japan import)


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[product details] NO. Zero Fighter Type 22 shot down the king of Rabaul 6: 1 1920. Nishizawa Hiroshi defined the aircraft Nishizawa Hiroshi righteousness. was born in mountain village in Nagano Prefecture. Higher elementary school after graduation. I worked in the silk factories. longing for empty strongly. applicants look at the poster of Yokaren recruitment. to pass. and began his career as aviation soldiers. It was adopted June 11 Showa. the seventh period class B flight preparatory course trainee and has been assigned to Chitose Air Corps in October 1941. And advanced to Rabaul in February next year. we recorded the first shot down ninety-six ship battle. Is assigned to the Tainan Air Corps in April. is trained by Saburo Sakai here. I went with a power of about called the trio of Tainan sky along with Toshio Ota. Trust his superiors. from the subordinate is great. was awarded the saber marked as military exploits distinguished from deer grass admiral. In addition. when the return was delayed in some air combat. deer grass Secretary are also reportedly episode that was waiting in the airport for a long time to worry about Nishizawa. In October 1944. I served as a mission to safeguard the kamikaze pilots of the first led by Yukio Seki captain. The next day. I had made the last moment bailout attack on the way to F6F feedback in transport aircraft. Total number shot down is not clear. but the 87 unit has been ensured. Model is an image of a Nishizawa machine to wait for the start of the runway in floor iron plate. marking and painting was reproduced to develop soldiers with details and rotation airfield seal propeller micro motor
target Gender: boy
Age: 10 years
battery: use
Please purchase separately for the optional is a single 2 x 2 this battery: battery type.

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